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Great tip for cleaning microfiber towels from our friend Bruce, amazing results!

No matter how much you think you know about detailing, there is always someone with another nugget of detailing knowledge out there for you!

Our friend Bruce stopped by on Saturday (yup, Saturday hours are back, spring is here!) to pick up some product and gave me a great tip on getting our microfiber towels extra clean.

Even though we’ve been cleaning microfiber towels properly, I’ve notice some of them getting stains in them that just won’t come out through our normal cleaning process.

Armed with the new info, I adjusted my second step to microfiber laundry day and have never had cleaner looking towels in my life!

So if you’re as particular as Bruce and I when it comes to our nice microfibers, here are my new-and-improved steps to cleaning microfiber towels:

1. Separate your towels. I wash the single and double soft microfibers and the white drying microfiber towels in one load, glass towels, waterless wash towels, and other colored microfibers in a second load, and then all of my other utility towels in a third load. The important thing to remember is to separate the whites from colors as well as the microfiber from cotton.

2. (my new and improved step 2) Pre-treat using Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner. I sprayed a few squirts onto the heavier soiled microfiber towels and scrubbed them a bit. Previously I would pre-treat with a microfiber revitalizer but that just wasn’t cutting it. Adam’s APC is the way to go for sure.

3. Machine wash with warm water, about 2 oz of Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer, and an extra rinse cycle if your machine has one.

4. Hand dry. Some people will machine dry on low heat and that is ok too, just remember not to use a fabric softener.

5. Marvel at your awesomely clean microfiber towels!