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Great tip for cleaning microfiber towels from our friend Bruce, amazing results!

No matter how much you think you know about detailing, there is always someone with another nugget of detailing knowledge out there for you!

Our friend Bruce stopped by on Saturday (yup, Saturday hours are back, spring is here!) to pick up some product and gave me a great tip on getting our microfiber towels extra clean.

Even though we’ve been cleaning microfiber towels properly, I’ve notice some of them getting stains in them that just won’t come out through our normal cleaning process.

Armed with the new info, I adjusted my second step to microfiber laundry day and have never had cleaner looking towels in my life!

So if you’re as particular as Bruce and I when it comes to our nice microfibers, here are my new-and-improved steps to cleaning microfiber towels:

1. Separate your towels. I wash the single and double soft microfibers and the white drying microfiber towels in one load, glass towels, waterless wash towels, and other colored microfibers in a second load, and then all of my other utility towels in a third load. The important thing to remember is to separate the whites from colors as well as the microfiber from cotton.

2. (my new and improved step 2) Pre-treat using Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner. I sprayed a few squirts onto the heavier soiled microfiber towels and scrubbed them a bit. Previously I would pre-treat with a microfiber revitalizer but that just wasn’t cutting it. Adam’s APC is the way to go for sure.

3. Machine wash with warm water, about 2 oz of Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer, and an extra rinse cycle if your machine has one.

4. Hand dry. Some people will machine dry on low heat and that is ok too, just remember not to use a fabric softener.

5. Marvel at your awesomely clean microfiber towels!

2 cheap & quick tips for dog hair removal, brought to you by the hairiest car we’ve ever detailed.

I seriously think they shot a dog in here.

Never in my life had I seen as much dog hair in a car as I did in the Audi A6 wagon we had just brought inside our detail bay. Massive clumps of hair were on the roof liner, stuck to the backs of the seats, even stuffed in the creases of the leather seats. This was going to be a massive dog hair removal job for sure.

Mind = BLOWN!

We had a couple dog hair removal tricks up our sleeve though to help us out that day. Two super easy and cheap tricks that got rid of massive amounts of hair while not damaging anything in the process.

Like us I’m sure you’ve tried the old “hand wrapped in masking tape” trick or broke out a lint roller. But many clumps of tape and lint roller paper later there were still clumps of hair stuck in your carpets.

So if you’re faced with a hairy monster of a mess in your car, here are two simple tricks we use at the auto salon:

1. This tip is a good general interior detailing tip that should be done no matter what. Take the tip of your vacuum cleaner (the part you touch your car with) and sand the edges down. By rounding out the rough edges with a coarse sand paper and then working your way to a smoother finish with a fine sand paper you will be less likely to scratch your car’s fine leather, door panels, and dash while vacuuming.

2. Head up to your bathroom and steal a fine-grained pumice stone. Use the stone to gently brush the hair off of the cars surfaces and into the waiting tip of the vacuum. By way of black magic the pumice stone lifts all of the hair making it so much easier to remove.

Now give these two dog hair removal tips a whirl this weekend and let me know how it goes!

Selling your car? 3 easy detailing tips to pocket 5% more money!

We all know that the spring time is the best time to sell your car. And if you didn’t know that, you do now, BONUS!

I’m going to share with you three super-easy detailing tips I used to get AT LEAST 5% more for my car than the next guy’s.

You see, in a previous life I sold used cars (hold the jokes!), and let me tell you, it is a very tough business. My days were filled with customers coming in one after another beating me down on price to get the best deal. And no matter what I said, no matter how great our reputation, it was hard to differentiate myself from the other dealers.

And then one day, instead of trying to make MYSELF different from all of the other dealers, I spent about fifteen minutes making my car look different. And by different, I mean BETTER! It didn’t take much effort to make my car look 100x better than everyone else’s cars, and in turn I started selling more cars AND making more money on each car.

Now I know you’re only selling one car, not an entire lot! But I also know that you want to get as much money as possible for your car and not have to keep reducing your price week after week on Craigslist.

Here is what you do:

Step 1: How to get DEEP, WET PAINT without waxing.

Use a spray glaze for a quick and easy shine on paint, glass, chrome, or polished aluminum. All you need to do is put a little bit of product on a foam applicator pad and wipe it on as if you were waxing the car. Leave it on for a few moments and then buff away the residue using a soft microfiber towel. You’ll not only fill in some minor imperfections in your paint, you’ll also be left with a deep, wet look in minutes!

Step 2: Make it POP! Under the hood.

Every car buyer, and I mean EVERY car buyer, looks under the hood of a car they are checking out. Nine times out of ten they have no idea what they are looking at, but they will notice clean, deep black trim. To quickly brighten up the black plastic and rubber underneath the hood, use a non-greasy fast drying trim spray by simply shaking the can and spraying all of the area’s you want to POP!

Step 3: Get your Tires dressed for success.

I’m sure there is a vast psychological study behind it, but all I know is people love the richness of properly dressed tires. Again, you’ll want to use a non-greasy (preferably water-based) fast drying tire dressing and simply wipe the product around the outside edge of the tire. Get some excess on the wheel? No problem, wipe that up with a quick hit of detail spray and a towel and you’ll be good to go.

Use these three detailing tips before the next person comes to kick the tires and more than likely, they’ll be leaving you with money in your pocket!

Atlanta Auto Salon wins in Palm Beach detailing Ferrari and Aston Martin

Atlanta, GA. February 26, 2014 – Atlanta Auto Salon, one of the leading detailing shops in the Southeast, took home top honors in the British Car Class during Classic Sports Sunday held at Mar-A-Lago during Cavallino Classic weekend. The 1925 Aston Martin Brooklands, restored by High Mountain Classics and prepared by Atlanta Auto Salon, won Best in Class as well as the coveted Gentleman’s Choice award.

The Salon’s 1952 Ferrari Type 625-500 Tipo did not leave empty handed either, taking home an Excellence in Class trophy at Mar-A-Lago and a first place trophy for Early Ferrari GP car’s during the track day competition. Also, look for the Ferrari to be featured on the cover of an upcoming publication.

The death of car wax, R.I.P. 1945-2014

“Never wax your car again!” has been the mantra for countless products marketed to car lovers for the last decade or so, but unfortunately, these things have never lived up to the hype. Granted, you really don’t NEED to keep your car waxed. But if you want depth in your paint and a nice shine, as well as protection against mother nature, a nice carnauba car wax and/or sealant every few months is the way to go. Or at least it was, up until the last few years.

As we all know, technology advances at a blisteringly fast rate these days, and the advancements in paint protecting nano technology are no exception.

Like every other really cool technology out there, nano-coatings found their way into the automobile world by way of NASA. You see, NASA’s scientists needed to protect their space equipment from lunar dust, which was causing an array of undesirable issues. They invented films and coatings that exhibited hydrophobic self-cleaning properties to keep the dust from compromising seals, clogging filters, and abrading visors. When applied to the surface of a car, these coatings form a hardened shell around the paint preventing contaminants such as acid rain, bird droppings, and sap from getting through. You’ll be hard pressed to find a substance that can penetrate that first coat.

On top of the base coating, a layer of an additional hydrophobic substance is added to really keep the dirt and water sheeting off. This layer takes a cue from nature, mimicking the structure of a lotus leaf, which is known for it’s ability to self clean thanks to its superhydrophobicity (yes, that’s really what it’s called). This is what creates the WOW factor you see in all of those video’s where water sheets off the car like it is super scared.

I began researching and then testing the different hydrophobic products on the market a few years ago, after seeing YouTube video’s out of Malaysia. Admittedly, I’m the first one to get excited about a new technology, and I’m all for trying out the latest or greatest gadget or gizmo. But Rob, my detailing partner-in-crime, is there to balance out my enthusiasm. He’s an old school detailer and has seen the thousands of products that have come and gone over the years. All promising the world and not delivering. But once we started testing hydrophobic coatings, BOTH of us were floored with the results.

After applying products (and getting through the hardest part: waiting for it to cure), we spent hours pouring water over our car watching it run away while mesmerized with the depth and clarity in the paint. This provided endless enjoyment and was super cool, but we have seen high end waxes produce almost similar results in the past. The real test would be the test of time.

Fast forward to today, one year after our test car was coated. To provide a comparison for the difference over time, we left one half of the rear trunk uncoated; just corrected and waxed, but otherwise untouched. The difference, is mind blowing. The first thing that stands out is how much the uncoated paint has oxidized. You don’t really notice it when the entire car is oxidizing, but when you have half the trunk left untreated, the difference is staggering. You can also see swirls, water spots, and a just plain dirty look to the untreated section.

As for the rest of the car? It’s still kind of hard to believe, especially for Rob, but the paint has the same depth and clarity as the day we treated it. Amazing. It has also carried the hydrophobic properties and is completely smooth to the touch, as if it were freshly clayed.

Now, just to be clear, we didn’t test the products on a fancy show car. Instead, we tested it on our workhorse 2003 Toyota Corolla. Since we’ve coated it, the car has traveled well over 16,000 miles. It’s taken 4 trips to Florida and back, as well as a road trip to NJ, CT, and Washington DC from Atlanta. And it’s never seen a garage in its life!

Coating technology continues to evolve rapidly and wax just can’t keep up. There is currently no better way to keep your car looking it’s best and to protect it from contaminants, than by using hydrophobic nano-coatings. So if you are serious about your car’s appearance, kiss car wax good bye and get your car into the salon for a free consultation on coating your car.