Detailing tips from Atlanta's top shop

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Only five more days left to prepare your car for our annual summer Concours inside Hennessy Porsche's air-conditioned service center on Sunday, July 13th. Registration opens at 10 am with plenty of time for final preparations on your car before the judges grab their clip boards at 1 pm to begin deliberation of the show [...]

McLaren 12C Detail
Audi R8 Detail

Cars from the Gumball 3000, the annual rally on every car-guys bucket list, stopped in Atlanta last night and brought a hurricane with them! But this morning, we were there to send them off and take some shots of the amazing cars taking part in this years rally from Miami to Ibiza.

Car Wash

Put on your party hats and break out the cake, the car wash turns 100 years old this year! And how are we going to celebrate the centennial? By not letting them scratch and swirl our car’s paint of course. Credit for the first commercial car wash goes to Frank McCormick and J.W. Hinkle who [...]

Porsche 356 C Detail
Alfa Romeo Detail

No matter how much you think you know about detailing, there is always someone with another nugget of detailing knowledge out there for you! Our friend Bruce stopped by on Saturday (yup, Saturday hours are back, spring is here!) to pick up some product and gave me a great tip on getting our microfiber towels [...]

Here's a detailing class for you Mr. Cleanest Car on the Cul-de-sac. Take your car to the corner hand wash? Not you sir, you laugh as you pass by them swirling that poor schmucks paint with their shammy's. Well how does a Saturday morning with some fellow car cleaning obsessed friends, coffee, and Grand Master [...]

I seriously think they shot a dog in here. Never in my life had I seen as much dog hair in a car as I did in the Audi A6 wagon we had just brought inside our detail bay. Massive clumps of hair were on the roof liner, stuck to the backs of the seats, [...]