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Learn the art of car detailing with our FREE detailing class April 19th!

Here’s a detailing class for you Mr. Cleanest Car on the Cul-de-sac.

Take your car to the corner hand wash? Not you sir, you laugh as you pass by them swirling that poor schmucks paint with their shammy’s.

Well how does a Saturday morning with some fellow car cleaning obsessed friends, coffee, and Grand Master Shine teaching you the tricks of the trade sound?

How do you properly dry your car without scratching it, we’ll show you how.
The best techniques for cleaning brake dust off of you’re wheels, we got your back.
The differences between waxes, sealants, and coatings as well as how to apply them; come see us.

You’ll learn all of the tips and tricks from detailers who’ve worked at the top concours around the country and have the chance to pick their brains on how to keep your ride looking showroom perfect.

So if you fancy yourself a weekend warrior armed with a hose, wash mitt, and wax; come learn from the best in the business.

Class starts at 10 am, but come a little early for some coffee and banter. Ask questions and browse a selection of the best detailing products for your car that you won’t find on the shelves of AutoZone.

I’ve limited the number of attendee’s so click this link and order now.

We’ll see you on the 19th.

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