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We all know that the spring time is the best time to sell your car. And if you didn't know that, you do now, BONUS! I'm going to share with you three super-easy detailing tips I used to get AT LEAST 5% more for my car than the next guy's. You see, in a previous [...]

Atlanta, GA. February 26, 2014 - Atlanta Auto Salon, one of the leading detailing shops in the Southeast, took home top honors in the British Car Class during Classic Sports Sunday held at Mar-A-Lago during Cavallino Classic weekend. The 1925 Aston Martin Brooklands, restored by High Mountain Classics and prepared by Atlanta Auto Salon, won [...]

"Never wax your car again!" has been the mantra for countless products marketed to car lovers for the last decade or so, but unfortunately, these things have never lived up to the hype. Granted, you really don't NEED to keep your car waxed. But if you want depth in your paint and a nice shine, [...]

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