2 cheap & quick tips for dog hair removal, brought to you by the hairiest car we’ve ever detailed.

I seriously think they shot a dog in here.

Never in my life had I seen as much dog hair in a car as I did in the Audi A6 wagon we had just brought inside our detail bay. Massive clumps of hair were on the roof liner, stuck to the backs of the seats, even stuffed in the creases of the leather seats. This was going to be a massive dog hair removal job for sure.

Mind = BLOWN!

We had a couple dog hair removal tricks up our sleeve though to help us out that day. Two super easy and cheap tricks that got rid of massive amounts of hair while not damaging anything in the process.

Like us I’m sure you’ve tried the old “hand wrapped in masking tape” trick or broke out a lint roller. But many clumps of tape and lint roller paper later there were still clumps of hair stuck in your carpets.

So if you’re faced with a hairy monster of a mess in your car, here are two simple tricks we use at the auto salon:

1. This tip is a good general interior detailing tip that should be done no matter what. Take the tip of your vacuum cleaner (the part you touch your car with) and sand the edges down. By rounding out the rough edges with a coarse sand paper and then working your way to a smoother finish with a fine sand paper you will be less likely to scratch your car’s fine leather, door panels, and dash while vacuuming.

2. Head up to your bathroom and steal a fine-grained pumice stone. Use the stone to gently brush the hair off of the cars surfaces and into the waiting tip of the vacuum. By way of black magic the pumice stone lifts all of the hair making it so much easier to remove.

Now give these two dog hair removal tips a whirl this weekend and let me know how it goes!