Hydrophobic Coatings

After all that work of cleaning, buffing, and polishing, why should you then use a hydrophobic car coating over wax? Let me tell you a little story.

My car sat outside covered in acid rain, bug guts, bird droppings, and overspray… but I didn’t car.

All I needed was a quick rinse and my paint was perfect again, gleaming like it did when we detailed it OVER A YEAR AGO.

How the heck were we able to keep the depth and clarity in the paint while protecting it from light scratches and contaminants?

And more importantly, how can we do this for your car?

Before the magic can happen, we start cleaning your car’s paint with a foam bath and then a strip wash using the softest wool wash mitts to get the dirt and old wax off of your vehicle.

Once we’ve dried the vehicle with soft microfiber waffle towels and compressed air, we’ll use a clay bar to get at all of the contaminants that you can’t see with your naked eye.

All of this prep-work ensures that we have a clean, contaminant free surface to restore the depth and shine in your paint.

See those light scratches and swirl marks in your paint?

Well kiss them goodbye!

Using a combination of compounds along with wool and microfiber pads, our pro’s will buff out those imperfections that have been driving you mad for months.

Next, we’ll work the paint with a series of polishes to bring back the clarity and depth that has been missing.

Now that your car is looking as good as new, it’s time to keep it that way.

Paste waxes, carnauba waxes, sealants… they all break down over time. The shine, the brilliance, the POP! – all gone after only a few months.

Even worse, your paint is under attack from the elements. Bug splats, acid rain, bird droppings, all etching their way onto your car.

Ever hear of hydrophobic nano coatings? When we first started detailing 15 years ago we hadn’t, but three years ago we started researching and testing product on our own cars as well as a handful of customer cars only to come away stunned and amazed.

We’ve never seen so much brilliance, so much shine, and so much protection last so long.

Essentially, it comes down to a 3-step chemical reaction that forms a fused quartz layer on top of your paint, think slick and rock hard. For your interior, the nano particles form a coating over each individual fabric strand, protecting it from oils while still remaining breathable.

Our car coating system will protect your interior and exterior like nothing you have ever seen, and we’ll stand behind if for the next year.

So if you are looking for the ultimate paint protection, contact us to see our advanced hydrophobic car coatings in action. It will keep your paint correction looking amazing for years!